Romantic Truth is a J A U S A N blog offering information on dating and relationships without the hype and over-blown enuendo of exploitative books and exaggerated reality shows on the subject. Our community approach is more realistic and broken down in terms to not provoke a call-to-action to buy a book or tune into some franchise, but to us the mind in making rational decisions in respect to relationships. Our methodology is based on objectivity and different perspectives to provide a macro view of relationships and the complexities involved with dealing with partners and spouses.

As described in the disclaimer, we do not profess to be therapists or a support group, but a source to inform and promote awareness. The rationale is for those in relationships to have a source to begin the thinking process to deal with some of the more diverse issues involved in the investment in time and emotional capital with others. We provide these articles as responsible considerations and not solutions for an individual’s particular problem. We always recommend consulting a licensed and state registered family therapist,licensed marriage counselor or attorney to resolve more complex issues beyond the scope of our articles if warranted.

Enjoy our content.

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