What Men Seek in a Good Woman?

Some women are under the impression that a big butt, large breasts and a cute face is enough to attract a good man.  When we look from the big-box-store perspective, “Yes!”, there is merit for this argument.  However, there are other men that look for far more and settle for far less.  I had a recent opportunity to chat with some gentlemen ranging in ages from 21 through 65 that were single or divorced.  On thing that immediately caught my eye was the number of men over 25 that accepted the attributes that some women think are assets as a general requirement and nothing more.  The men ages 21 -24 viewed these attributes as qualifiers for a relationship.

There was an appreciation gap based on age and experience.  The participants in the chat group from ages 25 and up sought much more than the younger group.  One of the main issues they addressed was not dealing with at dealing with women that had negative attitudes.  From their perspective, women with this disposition were more useful as booty-calls and friend-with-benefits than anything else.   Therefore, they were viewed as women that would have a very short-shelf-life when it comes to dating.

Another issue that was brought up was children. Most of the older men in the group cared not to deal with children unless they were grown and gone.  One of the most immediate turn-offs were single mothers with teenage males in the home.  One the other hand, younger men in the group did not mind as long as sex was a viable option in respect to dealing with the mother.  Also, this group of men preferred to be with older women of ages 45 and under.  Another revelation was that these younger men did not find women in their 21 – 24 peer-group as viable life-time partners based on a predisposition that they would cheat.  This assumption is more speculative than factual, but people make judgments based on their own realities.

Another factor for the younger men was that they had fewer problems with an older woman treating them as their own children in some way, whether it was preparing meals, doing laundry, or providing the main household income.  Older men in the group had a major problem with this scenario.  As we chatted further,  it was revealed that most of these younger men were reared in single mother households without a male figure in the home.  By contrast, in both groups, men that were born in the 1990’s were more prone to being reared in a household of either divorced or unwed parents.

About 32% of the 158 men in the chat had children out of wed-lock and did not marry the mother of the children.  I could not find too many participants that were willing to reveal information about criminal history and finances.  However, I did discovery that among both groups 16% actually attended and graduated from college.

The younger men were more focused on getting respect from the women and older men in the group sought a more responsible partner.  Body image played a very large role in respect to younger men selecting a mate.  Older men did not have such an issue with body image as much as the type of woman they would date.  Material girls were totally out for the older men, especially those over the age of 38 along with placing them in a non-exempt status when it comes to working and helping with bills.  The older men sought a partner that will work with them and the younger men sought a partner they would work for to impress and keep the woman happy.

Interstingly enough, the dialogue covered a lot of topics in respect to women, but there is a definite divide in this group of men that have matured and have not.  Younger men seeme better for older women and responsible women are more appealing to older men.

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