Romantic Truth Singles Community

Finding true singles seeking relationships are hard to find these days and many are just looking for friends with benefits or some sort of living arrangement or just a booty call. The Romantic Truth Singles Community is not designed for that type of lifestyle, but if you seek that you might find it. The premise of the community is to connect singles to kick-start a wonderful relationship without the hassle of being superficial and conforming to the typical cookie-cutter dating sites.

Starting 2017 off right, our community is 100% FREE throughout the year with no catches or gimmicks. We are starting fresh and therefore we are brand new to the market. What distinguishes us from the rest of the market is that the majority of other sites are not based in the United States and therefore use the same themes, pricing, and people that are rolled over from different sites to give the illusion of having a larger variety of singles. We are just starting out, small and with growth in our near future.

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