Why Portland?

Most people on the Interracial Dating scene know that Portland, Oregon is one of the comunities that has a demand for African-American men by a larger proportion of Caucasian women  There are some fundamental reasons for this trend that ha increaed since the 1990’s, an exclusion by many Caucasian ales due to size   Many of these women are classified as Big Beautiful Women (BBW’s)  In essence one man’s trash is another man’s treasure to put it bluntly.  Despite the endocrination of size when it comes to character and personality, there are other factors that weigh into the equation.

After chatting with a good number of Caucsian BBW’s in the Portland Area Online, I noticed a unique pattern among them.  Most of the women have never dated outside their race and over half would love the experience.  Al of the women interviewed had at least a Bachelors degree or higher and all would consider themselves overweight.  The women with high school diplomas or drop-outs were far less likely to consider an interracial relationship due to concerns about their family members that would not approve.

Some of the factors that motivate these women to find an interest in African-American men  are as folows:

  • Diversity
  • A disposition of not judging others because they are being judged based on size.
  • Mutual compassion.
  • Sexual Curiosity
  • Finding someone that goes beyond the obvious in the pursuit of love.
  • A common thread when it comes to being excluded from the broader dating communit and social strata.
  • Being accepted and loved for wh they are at this very moment.

These are but some of the reason why many of these women show a more liberal approach to dating African-American men  It should also considered that the demand is driven by the lack of African-American men in the region.  The disconnect is that Oregon is too cold and too far North or West.  Also, factors such as the lack of a larger diverse population keep them at-bey.  One resolution for some of these women is to meet men in places like Las Vegas during vacation.  The fundamental reason for this is because it is always a cheaper trave destination and not oo far away from home by comparison.



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