I am guilty of this exact thing that pisses most men off.  Being a former teaser, I understand why some men will dog out women in relationships.  My agenda was to get as much attention and money from men as possible without having to give up sex.  Those of us that were good at it called it “Hosing” which meant only going down to pantyhose at the most to lure a guy or gal o spend money.

You could say that we were stripers with more conservative boundaries.  Low-cut tops, cut-off jeans, and anything else to get a guy hard or a woman wet was the goal.  We knew that emotional senses are very hard to overcome.  One of the main benefits was the webcam.  Today, women use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as means to advertise to create a following. Once there are enough people following, then they are herded like cattle to nicely built website where men and women could buy used panties, bras, and other garments.  The market for these items are

The market for these items are very popular among Asian and Arabic demographics.  There is a bit of public relations that has to be done including answering emails, keeping up social media pages and producing webcam videos.  The items cannot be sold on social media sites, but can be sold on personal web sites.  The prices may vary, depending on what the market will endure.  Soiled panties and bras may run from US$10.00 – US$25.00 a pair.  Other garments could be higher.

Some teasers may choose to sell garments and have the guys ejaculate on them or have other women admirers place items within their wombs and mail them back for signing.  Again, the autographed panties are worth even more.  Also, the teasers may choose to sell private webcam and video sessions with select admirers for a higher fee while other may be charged a monthly subscription for access to the site in the form of memberships.

One of the main rules is to never agree to meet any of these people in person and preferably to never disclose the true location.  As an example, I was working from an apartment in Tampa, Florida while actually operating out of Las Vegas, Nevada.  Therefore, it made me less obvious upon running into someone locally.  I also used a mail forwarding service to ensure my privacy.   The monthly receipts were very good to a to a point of paying off a home, brand new car, and tuition for my college degrees without ever allowing a man or woman to touch me.

Other women may choose to masturbate on cam and sell monthly access as well.  However, if you notice,  the women that sign up for dating sites that do this for free are usually people the types that guys would never pay for on a regular basis.  Most of these women are mothers and grannies with stretchmarks and out of shape, so you do get what you pay for at times.  Also, I had a boyfriend at the time and he could not say a word because I made more in a quarter than he made in a year.  Needless to say, lost respect for a man that could not match me on income.  I was rather young and dumb, but retired at age 37.

It is all a game and the people are nothing more than a dollar, debit, or credit card transaction and that is it.  My family had a fit, but learned to shut it up once I paid for much of their lives also.  The money was great and got me ahead in life with little effort.  It should be noted that not every woman can do this, only a select few.

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