Revealing My Sexuality

I am a pre-op transgender  M2F and two things that I am so tired of hearing, “What made you this way?” and “Do you still have a penis?”  The first question is usually asked by a straight guy that finds me attractive, but has issues with his own sexuality.  The second question comes from women that are curious, but not so supportive.  One thing that shocks most people is that I have more sex with married women than I do with men  I prefer having se with women over men as of late, because of the questions and issues with their sexuality and for some reason a guy bending over in front of me is not as appealing as it used to be. Maybe it is the hormones, because I love women with large breasts and butts.

Before my transition about seven years ago, I was totally into men, but since then, they no longer appeal to me like they used to. I did  not realize how much we were in demand by women until I posted an ad in Los Angeles on a TG web site.  All of the IM’s were from single mothers, wives, and single women.  I was skeptical at first, thinking the husbands were using the women as beards.  I let them know that I am a 100% top and they loved it. 

What I have found out is that the majority of women that have sex with me want a long-term situation because they love the fact that I have big breasts, a big ass, and hips with 9 inches of love between my thighs.  They actually want to leave their men for me  I hear them tell me a lot that they love the fact that I have a woman’s body with a man’s tool.  Ever since I was a child I knew I was a woman inside and I never was exposed to homosexuality or anything like it growing up.  The boys played with truks and I played with dolls.  My folks worried that I would get beat-up at school, but I looked and dressed the part where that was never an issue at Hollywood High  However, this is one time I am truly happy with my life and sorry guys, those days are over for me, only women now.

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