Is role-playing healthy in a relationship?

Is role-playing healthy in a relationship? – 

You have an interesting insight on relationships, so I thought it proper to ask you this question because my husband and I are an interracial couple both in our mid-thirties [he’s Caucasian and I’m African-American]. We belong to this private club that has retreats in several Southern states. We re-enact roles from the Civil War.

A few days ago my husband told me of another private club where black wives and girlfriends can be exchanged for sexual favors and role-playing as slaves. I wasn’t shocked by this because some of our role-play with other like-minded couples involved renting places and having marc-auctions and the like. In the beginning I felt degraded, but now I have found comfort in it. I wrote this question because my husband told me that he is bringing in another wench for breeding and she will be co-habitating with us.

I want my normal marriage back again without all of this stuff.


Columbia, SC, USA

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