Dear Bossip: He Says He’s Not Ready For A Relationship, But I’m The One & He Has No Job & Borrows From Me

In this case the guy is all about using you voluntarily, His goal is to borrow or rent you while you want to buy him. The borrowing means that he will not repay you. The best thing here is to cut your losses because by being in a relationship with him, you are setting yourself up to finance both him and the other woman he plans to get with that is not you. More than likely you are pressing him for a relationship because you want some real equity in the relationship much like the finance company has the title to the car as you make payments. In this case however, he did what some women do early in relationships by classifying you as a friend. Usually, but not always this term means that it gives a person creative license to use you because they are not romantically attracted to you, but instead love what you do whether it is sexual or monetarily.

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